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Unioninvest d.d. Sarajevo is a Bosnian company specialized in engineering, mounting, and designing. It is a legal successor of Unioninvest, one of the ten most important companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina until 1992 and respectable name in business world. Both then and now.

For the last five decades it designs, constructs, mounts, and maintains industrial, administrative, sport, health, education, and power facilities. It offers solutions and implements project tasks in accordance with investors wishes and, by many things, it remained a unique company in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the region.


Unioninvest was among the first companies which started with water treatment, treatment of sun energy, provision of gas. It acted on foreign markets and acquired works for which it was said that only big and respectable companies could do.

The major expansion happened in 80’s of the last century. Unioninvest had 11.000 employees and realized the annual turnover of US 400 million dollars. It worked on the entire territory of former Yugoslavia, but also in Germany, Russia, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran…

During war period 1992 – 1995, 800 employees of Unioninvest joined the Army to defend Bosnia and Herzegovina. A 150 of them died. Almost 80% of material assets of the company were destroyed and the damage was 100 million German Marks (approx. 55 million EURO).




Despite all this, Unioninvest survived. Its name was not erased from the business map of Bosnia and Herzegovina, neither it was forgotten by its partners in country and in the world.
The continuity of work was maintained thanks to previous and new businesses in Frankfurt, Berlin (Germany), Moscow (Russian Federation), Algeria.

Also, in the country, in surrounded Sarajevo, Unioninvest, with its interventions on infrastructure and residential facilities, helped many to overcome the horror of war.

After all of the destruction and changes during stormy years at the end of the 20th century, following its business tradition, lead by capable and creative management Unioninvest, recovered and with new people, accepted new challenges.

Renewal of shattered country offered Unioninvest the opportunity to apply new, modern solutions in rehabilitation of facilities and equipment, which are accepted all over the world.


This was approach for reconstruction of hospitals in Sarajevo, Mostar, Sanski Most Water Supply System, Goražde, Sarajevo, Konjic, Also there were Palace of Justice, Vodoprivreda Administrative Building, buildings for international organizations (OHR, USAID), foreign embassies and European Union, all in Sarajevo.

Reconstruction of destroyed and totally burned Zetra Olympic Hall in Sarajevo belongs under most referenced facilities. It was the investment worth 20 million EURO, and the work was acquired in the strong international solicitation. The work was done under “turn key” basis, supervised by international officials, and by those who did not believe in Unioninvest capabilities, and everything was finished on time.


The new Zetra is the result of professionalism, people’s skills and technical capabilities which the company has available. It is more beautiful, more modern and more functional that the original one.

The important step out to international market Unioninvest Sarajevo made by establishment of its own representation offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kosovo. On these markets, in the period 1998 to 2003, the total value of implemented work is US 35 million dollars.

Successful management and business activities were proved through established connections with foreign and world wide respected companies.

With Italian partners Unioninvest opened a joint factory of aluminium frames ALUVENETO, which is the first new industrial facility in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Dayton Agreement.
Unioninvest d.d. has founded a joint Bosnian-Malaysian company BMIG, specialized in investments, and in Austria it is company KROBATH for utility infrastructure.

A joint company between Unioninvest d.d. and Parsons (USA) was founded in 1996 for implementation of infrastructure project as aid of the US Government to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Unioninvest d.d. has continued with establishment of business relations with other companies in the western Europe with open doors for new joint ventures.

Despite significantly smaller number of employees in relation to the last decade of the 20th century, Unioninvest d.d. remained big, powerful and unique in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recognizable by its name, tradition, facilities on three continents, construction sites in country and by all the beautiful things Unioninvest left behind in the last 55 years.





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